Dancing Kitties


These cute kittens are hiding in their little boxes. But they are crazy to dance around the Metaverse, and in your collection too! You can mint a new Dancing Kitty directly on our Opensea Seadrop! Each mint guarantees a spot in our events by winning lots of gifts!

About Dancing Kitties

For every 90 Kitty Boxes minted, a reveal will be made!

This collection is a surprise at all times! 🤩🤩

The Dancing Kitties will be revealed every 90 Kitty Boxes minted. 📦📦📦 It means that the metadata secret is always preserved and the surprise of these kittens is always guaranteed!


Let’s reach the next 90 boxes together? 😻

Rarity Resume

Dancing Kitties is one of our collections created in ERC-721, this means that you can check the rarity of NFTs and their attributes directly in Opensea through the #OpenRarity feature!


These cute kitties have lots of awesome hats in their closet! And some of them are very rare, maybe you can get a big lucky and mint a tiger or jaguar cub, can you imagine?


Good luck! 🍀